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    VMware View 5 PCoIP get black screen over WAN

    freddieeichmann Lurker

      Hello Community,


      i got a VMware View 5 Infrastructure with a vCenter Server, a View connectionserver and some clients as VMs.

      Internally everything is working fine - PCoIP and RDP connections do their job very well.

      Know we want to publish the vDesktops to the WAN. Users should connect to the VMs from their notebooks or iPads (or iPhones) from home. So we configured our firewall to open everything from the WAN-IP (194.209.166.xy) to the internal-IP (192.168.199.xy). A DNS-Entry for view.xy.com is showing to the WAN-IP. So the connection from WAN to the view-infrastructure over RDP is working - but PCoIP connections will show a black screen after 10-30 seconds after logon. We never see a Windows interuption oder interaction. The screen is black after the logoninformations in view client.

      We configured the view connectionserver settings as described in some articles here ...7

      HTTPS external url: https://view.xy.com

      checkbox activ: user secure tunnel connection to desktop

      PCoIP external url: 194.209.166.xy:4172

      checkbox activ: use pcoip secure gateway for pcoip connections to desktop


      Does we forgot to do some settings or is there an other workaround to work with PCoIP over the WAN?