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      • 240. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
        MindTheGreg Hot Shot

        I'm having trouble signing up for the VMTN Subscription at: http://www.vmware.com/landing/vmtn_mail.html


        Pretty cool that the copywrite 2005 site is still up, but seriously the service would be great.

        • 241. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
          DennisR Novice

          +1 vote. We would absolutly pay a sum to participate in VMTN Subscription again. And the more we can play and learn about VMware products .. the more products and licenses we most likely would implement in the end.

          • 242. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
            damiandavis Novice

            +1 on the VMTN subs front -  very frustrating even as a partner to be restricted from running the latest and greatest....

            • 243. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
              mbonnett Lurker



              My company is just getting into it, nothing similar to what Microsoft provides for the home labs to learn on and I can be a voice for us getting right back out of it, and will...


              Think about VMware.....

              • 244. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                pbraren Hot Shot
                vExpertVMware Employees

                From the wide variety of related comments (and private emails) I get relating to my site:


                I too would have to agree that the demand for access to VMTN for appears to be very strong, particularly among those who already have MSDN, and the Hyper-V access that goes along with it.


                Many are considering VMware certification.

                • 245. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                  apatts Lurker

                  I don't know what the issues were that made VMware decide to do away with the original VMTN, but I think if I had something similar to my MSDN for vSphere and other VMware products, this would be a huge helper in being able to troubleshoot production issues and / or development staging in a properly licensed test lab - not to mention the extended up-front testing/trialing of other VMware products that probably wouldn't get in house otherwise because no marketing person's pitch is as good as a proper test drive.


                  It's probably not saying much, but my organization would buy up 5-10 of these almost immediately if they were offered again.



                  • 246. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                    freefall Novice



                    I have been lucky enough to have worked for an employer who has procured the required licenses for ongoing training. However as I move to a consulting role, VMTN is the only thing I can see that would enable me to keep my skills growing with the ever increasing product set that is VMware. If it comes back, I will subscribe.





                    • 247. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                      Myretyr Novice

                      +1 here too. Should be very useful, especially now when you cannot download VMwares product for more than 60 days after registration.

                      • 248. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                        pechtewi Novice

                        This would be a great thing -- since I could lab test products before trying to set up the production environment and make recommendations for further purchases.

                        • 249. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                          chopkins45 Novice


                          What happened here, I thought that we were gaining momentum especially when I saw Duncan's posting that this seemed to be taking hold. Not that I am NOT a very patient person (what IT guy is? ) but this thread started back in November I think.


                          Does anyone know whos cage we need to rattle to get a reply to this from the higher ups @ VMware?




                          • 250. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                            Michelle Laverick Virtuoso



                            Here's what we do know. VMware engaged a senior manager to start collating ideas, opinons and viewpoints from a number of parties - vExpert, VMUG leaders and customers...


                            At the moment a report and presentation is being made for presenting to the executive team at VMware. So a fact finding process and assessment is well underway. I'm not privvy to this internal work, but from what I can tell - I think it will ready this month or next for presenting...


                            As I understand it - the executive team at VMware are positive about the concept, the bigger debate is the most affective way to deliver this to customers and community. I get the feeling they'd rather not rush something half-baked too quickly, but want to get the structure, content, and fulfillment right first time. There's a feeling rushing something out too quickly could back fire.


                            My gut instinct is we might see a "vSphere" subscription first - as we are not likely to see a significant update to the platform until we see vSphere6 in 2013. What makes life complicated is the scope and range of other products that have very different roadmaps and key milestones. At the end of the day, VMware need to make sure they offer a quality service to paying customers who pay top dollar for SnS, and onboarding potentially a very large number of VMTN subscribes could up set that balance...




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                              MarkIveli Enthusiast

                              Speaking with some VMware people in Sydney yesterday and we got onto this topic. We all agreed that the simplest way to provide access to the "VMTN" subscription is to have it handed over to the VMUG HQ. They can reformat the VMUG subscription to have VMUG Advantage, which is the same as the current VMUG subscription and add VMUG "Advanced", which costs more but includes the VMTN.


                              Anyone think that this could work?

                              • 252. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                jirahcox Lurker

                                I quite agree that the VMUG Advantage program could be a great fit for this "VMTN Resurrected" program, but I would be hesitant about raising the VMUG Advantage price. Remember that for the $200 you spend to get into VMUG Advantage, you only get 1 thing (some e-learning courses). Everything else you get is a discount or a coupon. I'm not a VMUG Advantage member and not tempted by it, but for $200 I'd look long and hard at a lot of used Amazon books first.


                                Remember, the base price of Technet is $150/year, and you get an unbelievable amount of software and license keys for that price. I have to believe that VMware isn't looking to turn potential evangelists into a profit center, so anything north of $200/year is pushing it.

                                • 253. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                  legal1 Enthusiast

                                  +1 +1+1+1+1...


                                  Specifically, I would like to see this tied to the VMUG program. For people who do not have a local VMUG, we would be keeping them engaged until one is started in their area - or inspire them to start one.  For VMUG members, it would be a great benefit especially if tied to the VMUG Advantage program.  When I talk about the Advantage program to my VMUG group, it seems like I'm preaching to the choir.  Those that are enthusiastic buy in and those that are not just don't see the value for $200.  Adding VMTN to VMUG Advantage would be a huge +1 for that program. Or at least a significant discount to encourage Advantage subscriptions.  I'm looking at this from the perspective of a larger view. Pushing people to become more involved in the VMW community as opposed to just offering one more item for the shopping cart.

                                  • 254. Re: Bring back VMTN Subscription?
                                    Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

                                    I was on a concall to the Global VMUG folks last year when the "advantage" concept was being debated, and I raised the issue back then that what folks would really like is some like would be the VMTN Subscription, rather than just a licenses on Fusion/Workstation...


                                    I was thinking that one of the SKU's could be a "VCP" edition of the VMTN Subs - aimed at helping homelabbers preping for their VCP to get hold of the software beyond a 60-day period.


                                    I don't see why we couldn't have both. The VMTN subs could be an independent program, but members of the VMUG would get a special discount on the retail price by virtue of being a member.


                                    I guess at the end of the day we have to remember that the Global VMUG is independent customer-led body - and so they are in similiar situation as the movement - they can ask, but it doesn't mean that VMware rolls over...


                                    On the subject of cost... There will be obiviously be a charge... I don't imagine VMware will want to grift its subscribers, but it want to at least cover the cost of administering the program - there's no such thing as free lunch after all...




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