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    Monitoring Tomcat Global DataSource

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      It seems that Hyperic cannot monitor Tomcat's Global DataSource but only Per Application DataSource. Indeed, Hyperic Agent searches for "Catalina:type=DataSource,path=*,host=*,class=*,name=*" object names when Tomcat's Global DataSource object name doesn't have the "path" & "host" attributes and look like "Catalina:type=DataSource,class=*,name=*".

      Samples of Tomcat Per Application DataSource : Catalina:type=DataSource,path=/tomcat-demo,host=localhost,class=javax.sql.DataSource,name="jdbc/per-application-data-source"
      Sample of Tomcat Global DataSource : Catalina:type=DataSource,class=javax.sql.DataSource,name="jdbc/global-data-source"

      Here is attached a proposed patch of tomcat/etc/hq-plugin.xml to support Tomcat Global DataSource thanks to the introduction of a new service called "Global DataSource Pool".

      Is there a better way to monitor such Tomcat Global DataSource ?

      Hope this helps,

      Cyrille Le Clerc

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