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    Bug with metrics being reported from Weblogic?

    crash_hyperic Hot Shot
      Hi there, I think I may have found a bug, not sure.  I have HQ 4.0 and a few agents deployed on Solaris 10 Zones.  I have the agents configured to look at the Weblogic domains and high level metrics come back after auto-discovery, however metrics on some services do not.

      Here's what I found. It seems like all the JTAs are reporting properly, however JDBC connection pools, JMS destinations, WebApplications do not report as expected, they either show as a ? or as an error until you go into the properties for each service and hit save. You don't have to modify, just save.

      I tested this with a couple JDBC sources and webapps and as soon as I do this, it starts coming back with availability. I then went to my JDBC configuration on my Weblogic Domain, stopped a JDBC source and it then showed as down in Hyperic Dashboard. So it appears that once a service is saved, even if there are no changes to the auto-discovered information, it begins to operate properly.