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    [4.0 Beta] Alert mailer does improper ehlo when hostname is not a fqdn

    hermo Hot Shot
      I had a problem with sending out email alerts with HQ #893, the mailer didn't properly greet the mail server with EHLO/HELO hostname.
      After some headscratching I noticed that my test installation didn't have a full host+domainname, just "hq" instead of "hq.initrode.com".

      The problem was not initially obvious because the logs do show the fqdn, possibly extracted from the Base Url in Server Settings.
      I leave it up to the developers to decide if this a bug or a gotcha for unwary sysadmins. :)
      In any case it would be nice if the installer warned about this if it only accepts fqdns.
      The test server is running Debian.


      Excerpt from server.log:
      INFO  [JMS SessionPool Worker-2] [STDOUT@140] 220 hq.initrode.com ESMTP Postfix
      INFO  [JMS SessionPool Worker-2] [STDOUT@140] DEBUG SMTP: connected to host "localhost", port: 25
      INFO  [JMS SessionPool Worker-2] [STDOUT@140] EHLO
      INFO  [JMS SessionPool Worker-2] [STDOUT@140] 501 Syntax: EHLO hostname
      INFO  [JMS SessionPool Worker-2] [STDOUT@140] HELO
      INFO  [JMS SessionPool Worker-2] [STDOUT@140] 501 Syntax: HELO hostname
      ERROR [JMS SessionPool Worker-2] [org.hyperic.hq.bizapp.server.action.email.EmailFilter@297] Error sending email: [HQ] !! - test hq.initrode.com