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    Broken favorites feature/Broken Auto-discovery

    hexghost Hot Shot
      Hello fellow hyperic users!

      I'm having two problems with the Hyperic 4.0 community version (HQ Version 4.0.2 (build #939 - Dec 18, 2008 - Release Build))

      The first problem is that the "auto-discovery" section isn't working right. Take a look at my screenshots - it lists three servers that have changed for one reason or another. Clicking either "add to inventory" or "ship checked resources" doesn't do anything - page just refreshes and the items are still there. Even if I click on the name of the server to go the "what changed details page" and click ok, it still shows up.

      The second problem is the "favorites" section no longer shows anything (it used to). You can see from my attached screenshots, when I try and go add stuff to the favorites it throws an exception. Not sure why, or how to "clear" the favorites and try again, but as it stands now it's broken.

      I appreciate any help anyone can throw my way - these aren't show stopping problems but they are really annoying (I have to browse through the chain of stuff to get to my favorites now, and the auto-discovery is just an annoyance).
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          excowboy Master

          did you have any problems with a platform in the past when you have tried to import it for the first time ?

          You can easily clear the autodiscovery tables, so that the autodiscovery portlet will be empty. But I am not sure if that solves your problems.

          Are there more information in the server.log ?

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            hexghost Hot Shot
            Hi Mirko, thanks for replying,

            I've not had any problems in the past importing a new platform from auto-discovery, although as you can see from the screenshots, after importing the platform still shows (minus anything to import). Maybe I just need to clean the table like you mention?
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              Scotty_hyperic Hot Shot VMware Employees
              I'll post here in case this is still an issue or anyone else comes across something similar and finds this post.

              Delete a stale platforms from the AIQ:

              1- Stop the agent
              2- Delete the platform from Inventory (from the UI)
              3- Remove agents 'data' directory
              4- Clear out the AIQ by taking the following steps.

                    a. SELECT ID FROM EAM_AIQ_PLATFORM WHERE FQDN = '<your fqdn>';

                    Substitute the fqdn of the platform in question for "<your fqdn>" and use the resulting ID in place of <platform id> in each of the queries

                   b. DELETE FROM EAM_AIQ_IP WHERE AIQ_PLATFORM_ID = <platform id>;
                   c. DELETE FROM EAM_AIQ_SERVER WHERE AIQ_PLATFORM_ID = <platform id>;
                   d. DELETE FROM EAM_AIQ_PLATFORM WHERE ID = <platform id>;

                   This will remove the platform from the dashboard Auto-Discovery Queue, and it will not come back (unless an agent reports it in again).

                   If you do not have easy SQL access to your database, you can access it via a small jsp on HQ by navigating to the following URL:


                   You will need to log in as a superuser to access this URL.

              5- Restart the agent and provide answers when prompted
              6- Immediately import the platform into inventory.
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                Swati123 Novice


                Thanks. It worked locally.