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    Sigar command systax parameters

    XDanny322 Hot Shot
      Hi All-

      I’m new to this from.  I have a question and am hoping some of you expert out there can help.  Actually, thinking about it, this might seems like a pretty dumb question..

      Speaking from a non developer, don’t-know-java perspective, how do I know what parameter to pass into each sigar commands?  For example, when I get into the sigar cmd line – i type help, and I get a list of available commands.  While some commands are pretty straight fwd, other seems a bit confusing. (to me anyway)  For example, take a look @ ‘get’.  Seems like its expect 2 parameter, which it calls ‘key’.  What’s a key?  Get is just one example of many of these commands that I don’t understand.

      Basically, my question is, for someone like who cannot read the API code nor doc (don’t know Java), how would I know what parameter to pass each command?
      I tried “help get” (help pidof, etc), and was unable to get a help meun.  Also I read tho the 7 pages of sigar Q&As, and was unable to find an answer.

      Would someone be able to assist?

      Thank you

      sigar> help
      Available commands:
              alias          - Create alias command
              cpuinfo        - Display cpu information
              df             - Report filesystem disk space usage
              du             - Display usage for a directory recursively
              free           - Display information about free and used memor
              fversion       - Display file version info
              get            - Get system properties
              help           - Gives help on shell commands
              ifconfig       - Network interface information
              iostat         - Report filesystem disk i/o
              kill           - Send signal to a process
              ls             - simple FileInfo test at the moment (like ls -
              mps            - Show multi process status
              netinfo        - Display network info
              netstat        - Display network connections
              nfsstat        - Display nfs stats
              pargs          - Show process command line arguments
              penv           - Show process environment
              pfile          - Display process file info
              pidof          - Find the process ID of a running program
              pinfo          - Display all process info
              pmodules       - Display process module info
              ps             - Show process status
              quit           - Terminate the shell
              route          - Kernel IP routing table
              service        - Windows service commands
              set            - Set system properties
              sleep          - Delay execution for the a number of seconds
              source         - Read a file, executing the contents
              sysinfo        - Display system information
              test           - Run sigar tests
              time           - Time command
              ulimit         - Display system resource limits
              uptime         - Display how long the system has been running
              version        - Display sigar and system version info
              who            - Show who is logged on
      sigar> cpuinfo
      Model..........Core(TM)2 CPU          4300  @ 1.80GHz
      Total CPUs.....2

      CPU 0.........
      User Time.....0.0%
      Sys Time......0.0%
      Idle Time.....100.0%
      Wait Time.....0.0%
      Nice Time.....0.0%
      Irq Time......0.0%

      CPU 1.........
      User Time.....0.0%
      Sys Time......0.0%
      Idle Time.....100.0%
      Wait Time.....0.0%
      --More-- (Page 1 of 2)
      Nice Time.....0.0%
      Irq Time......0.0%

      User Time.....0.0%
      Sys Time......0.0%
      Idle Time.....100.0%
      Wait Time.....0.0%
      Nice Time.....0.0%
      Irq Time......0.0%

      sigar> get
      get: Syntax: get <key1> [key2] ...
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          excowboy Master
          Hi Danny,

          the SIGAR command line interface is not very well documented. I think the help command is the only written documentation. If you had Java knowledge you could read the sourcecode to get an idea of the single commands and arguments. I am wondering, what you are trying to achieve ? Do you want to use the SIGAR CLI for your own scripts ? Normally you only need to run this command for development of plugins.

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            XDanny322 Hot Shot
            Hi Mirko -

            Thanks for the reply. 

            Yeah - noticed that the CLI isn't documented too well - but i guess the java doc makes up for it. (per my devs) I don't know Java coding, and can only play around w/ the code my developers give me.

            I'm glad you asked!  I actually part of a team, doing some research on how to use SIGAR (or another 3rd another API?) to gather system (hardware, processes, etc) info of remote machines (clients), once they downloaded my jars via webstart.

            I'm only the engineer that researching, and am providing 'possible solutions' to my developers.  hence, you see why i can't code, but can test / tweak code.

            This is why i wanted to know more about the CLI interface - so i can play around, and see what kind of info i can get from it.

            SIGAR is great btw =)

            Thank you