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    Correlation Alerts with HQ ?

    caats_hyperic Hot Shot
      Is it possible to do correlation alerts with HQ? not complex alerts based on multiple conditions.

      Tks in advance.

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          excowboy Master

          no I have never heard of such a feature. Did you read about the Baseline feature in Hyperic HQ EE:

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            caats_hyperic Hot Shot
            Tks for the informations and help.

            I'm looking for a way to correlate Alerts or Events.
            For example:
            Websphere cluster with 4 nodes with alerts on availability nodes and some web services.
            If all the nodes gone broken, son we will got nodes alerts and services alerts, by doing correlation (dependencies) we can say that the probleme is coming from cluster not from application services.

            I found an pdf talking about events correlation but it's just an commercial document...

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              The correlation in our materials refer to the ability to see events, 
              alerts, and metric values on the same timeline on the Indicator 
              views.  Have you tried to use it to see if it's what you are looking 


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                jvalkeal_hyperic Expert
                I think I understand what this original post ment.... or not :)

                HQ EE has this application type where you can define tree of resources depending on each others, but is lacking alerting functionality. Correlation adds it's own bits to this mess.

                When you setup complex networks and application cluster which are all partly dependent on each others. When you monitor application A, it may not work because application B is down. This means that maybe there's nothing wrong with A(don't do control action).Worst situation becomes if you have 3 resources which all depends on each others. HQ can manage each resources, but only knows about one entity. It may be that when HQ is restarting these services, they never get change to get up.

                Correlation would tell resource priority order for restarts. I've seen these things on some batch job management frameworks. It would be very sophisticated feature for HQ.