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    Unable to start HQ 4.0.3 agent on HP-UX

    charlie bulosan Hot Shot
      Hi All,

      It seems like this is a bug. I'm unable to start the HQ 4.0.3 agent on HP-UX 11.11. Agents 4.0.2 and 3.2.6 work ok.

      root@bsi13[/opt/hyperic-hq-agent-4.0.3/bin]# ./hq-agent.sh start
      -n Starting HQ Agent...
      Removed stale pid file: /opt/hyperic-hq-agent-4.0.3/wrapper/sbin/../../wrapper/hq-agent.pid

      Error executing remote method: Unauthorized

      and using nowrapper ...

      root@bsi13[/opt/hyperic-hq-agent-4.0.3/bundles/agent-4.0.3-953/bin]# ./hq-agent-nowrapper.sh start
      Starting agent
      - Unable to load agent token file.  Generating a new one ... Done
      - Invoking agent
      - Agent thread running
      - Verifying if agent is running...
      Error invoking agent: Agent reported an error while starting up

      Many Thanks,