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    State.Name not working in HP/UX

    Terrible Hot Shot
      Hi everyone :

      We're trying to configure some process monitoring in order to classify every process group related to the various oracle database running on a host.
      After defining the multiprocess group in HQ, the monitorization doesn't work and no data are returned.

      Manually launching sigar in the monitorized host ..

      sigar> ps State.Name.eq=sshd
      9936    root    10:05   8.2M    676K      0     R       0:0     sshd:
      10002   phgbus1 10:05   8.2M    696K      0     S       0:0     sshd:
      22904   root    09:15   8.2M    720K      0     R       0:0     sshd:
      25552   integra Jan20   8.1M     88K      0     S       0:0     sshd:
      15751   root    Oct21   5.3M    196K      0     S       2:27    /opt/ssh/sbin/sshd
      25426   root    Jan20   8.1M     84K      0     S       0:0     sshd:

      This works well, but see the next commands..

      sigar> ps State.Name.eq=oraclebdfn
      sigar> ps State.Name.ct=bdfn

      both returns nothing. Strangely, launching the command  ps State.Name.eq=oracle DOES works, and returns more than 20 pages of processes

      Any ideas to handle this?
      Thanks !!