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    Navigation Feature Request

    deeboh Hot Shot
      Hi again folks. I have dozens and dozens of customer processes and files which I manage with Hyperic. To provide a high level view of these processes and files I use groups which I then display on the dashboard as a favorite resource.
      when I drill down into resource from the dashboard-group'd items I may have an auto-group of processes or files shown for instance. let me describe this below.

      I have 6 log files associated with my application. each auto-grouped on my server as a fileserver file type. I can see these 6 log files from the navigation breadcrumb
      -              Groups > FileServer File > QA13 Log View
      At this point I can select from the Group Member table or the MAP navigation icon any of the members in this group.
      I click on QA13 JDBC.log and happily view the metrics involved with this entity. however my breadcrumb has changed to
      -       Services > FileServer File > QA13 JDBC Log
      Now I can only see the server name for this fileserver file type and the navigation MAP icon only shows this log file.

      I can certainly get to the members of the auto-group by navigating to inventory tab then looking at the groups containing this resource, but that negates the coolness of having this information on the ready from the MAP icon.

      Is there a way to view the members in the auto-group  from the individual service without having to go through the inventory tab or going back to the server view or even (gasp) back to the dashboard to view the favorite resources collections of groups I have configured?

      Thanks in advance,