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    "Commenting Framework" for Hyperic HQ

    mgruener Hot Shot

      it would like to see a feature in Hyperic HQ that I call "Commenting Framework" (this is just a name to refer to this idea without a lot of explanations).

      At the moment, the only place Hyperic HQ allows a user to leave something like a comment is when he fixes an alert. This is a little bit to sparse. There are often situations where you want to leave your fellow admins a note stating "don't care, this resource makes problems, we are working on it" or something similar.

      So what do I have in mind? Each resource should have a "Comments" tab next to the ones for "Monitoring", "Inventory", "Alerts" ... This "Comments" menu would list each comment assigned to the resource and allow creation/deletion of new/old comments. Ideally comments can be assigned to specific users/roles so the user creating the comment can control who will see the comment.

      This is a lot to ask for but an extended functionality to leave comments/notices is neccessary. The smaller brother of this idea would be to allow comments when

      a) disabling/enabling an alert
      b) acknowledging an active alert
      c) activating a control action for a resource

      With best regards

      Michael Grüner
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          drdox Hot Shot
          A great idea. We have a roadmap that includes similar - but maybe it's not 100% what you are looking for.

          We'll be integrating Hyperic into a portlet based framework. That portlet will have a CMDB-style knowledge base underneath it.

          The comments can be attached to any CI within the CMDB - platform, server, service, metric, chart, software inventory, hardware asset, alerts or even other documentation (Wiki etc).

          You're looking at Q4 2008 for a release, but we'll release a technical preview for community comments before then.