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    Support for Polyserve cluster?

    aepps Hot Shot
      Good day,

      Does anyone know if the Hyperic supports Polyserver clustered filesystems? I know it supports Oracle's clustered filesystem (ocfs2) which we are also using, but it doesn't recognize the psfs mounts on a different system. Are there plans to support this filesystem, or does it already support it and I am missing something? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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          dougm_hyperic Expert VMware Employees
          Hi Alan,

          The file system discovery is done using a combination of our Sigar api and the HQ system plugin.
          If the Sigar api doesn't flag the filesystem as a 'local' type, the system plugin won't report it.  We can add psfs so it'll get discovered.  In the meantime, can you give it a try manually to see if metrics are properly collected: Tools Menu -> New Platform Service -> FileServer Mount