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    vCloud Director IP address issue

    cstewart28 Novice

      After the installation I'm having an issue with the IPs being aligned properly to the correct networks.


      Here is my current network topoogy:

      - network management - external network connectivity


      Would like the vCloud console access to be and the access for the HTTP Service to be


      But during the setup I notice that it will take the lowest as the HTTP serve access, so in my case it would be which is not what I want.  I would have to reIP my network.


      So after the install I'm thinking I woud change the IPs I get the KB artical on how to do that, but it does not work when I try to run:


      sqlplus vcloud-db-user/vcloud-db-user-password


      I get an error:


      You may need to set ORACLE_HOME to your Oracle software directory


      What is that all about?  I have little expeience with Oracle so not sure what they want me to accomplish.


      I saw another article and it told me to "mkdir $ORACLE_HOME/oradata" so I did and still get the same issue.


      Any ideas?

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          _morpheus_ Expert
          VMware Employees

          You can use whichever IP you want for the console or HTTP service. It picks the lowest for first one and highest for console because it's suggesting a default, but you don't have to go with the default.

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            cstewart28 Novice

            The issue is when I go in and create an organization it put the url as  I want it to be


            The clients cannot get to the 0 network only the 6 network.

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              cfor Expert

              Odd, that it does that - however you should be able to override...


              System-Administration tab

              Public Addresses...


              By default they are empty and will make some best guesses.  If you set them you can override the best guesses (that seem to be off).

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                Following the procedure outlined in the VMware KB to change the vCD IPs is the correct approach. Changing the values in the public addresses screen of the UI will not cause the Java processes to bind to different IPs, it only dictates what responses from the API will show instead of the current hostname or IP address of the machine servicing the request, and similarly for the console.


                That particular KB entry was created originally for vCD 1.0, which only supported Oracle DB. So the first question is, are you using Oracle or SQL Server?


                If you're using Oracle, the instructions have you use the Oracle SQL Plus client to connect to the vCD database and change the necessary values. Usually on a properly configured Oracle DB machine the (shell) environment is configured such that user's can run the sqlplus command directly. If this is not the case you'll want to review the Oracle DB docs and make the appropriate changes. Note that you do not have to do it from the DB machine as long as you have some form of Oracle client (SQL Plus, SQL Developer, etc.) available and it has network connectivity to the Oracle instance hosting the vCD database.


                If you're using SQL Server, you will need to use a client tool such as SQL Server Management Studio to connect to the database and make the outlined updates.