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    Syslog and scratch location confusion

    jessem Enthusiast

      Hey everyone,


      My goal is to have ESXi 4.x hosts retain logging for 1 week even after a reboot (persistent) without using a VMA or purchasing a 3rd party syslog server.  I've done some research and have set the logging under Configuration > Software > Advanced Settings.


      I have specified a path here: ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation




      here: Syslog.Local.DatastorePath


      My question is what is the difference between both of these locations and how do I ensure that the logging I need (1 weeks worth through a reboot even) is being kept.


      When I dump the logs using vm-support I don't see any information previous to a reboot.  When I look in the scratchconfig location, I see folders created but no logs are there.