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    vShield Edge showing not licensed - when it is!?

    GC700 Novice

      Just installed the latest versions of vSphere,vCenter and vShield. vShield is set up and appears to be working fine but i now want to install vShield Edge. I have downloaded the eval license and added that into vCenter - it shows up in the licensing section saying that i have Edge licensing installed but - when i go back to the vShield tab on my ESX hosts it shows up as "Not licensed" - see attaced picture. This is the case whether i have installed the vShield Zones on the ESX host or not ( the picture shows 'not' but all my other ESX hosts have got vShield Zones installed and they still show 'Not licensed'). I have uninstalled vShield Zones - bounced the ESX servers, the vShield Manager and its firewall vms, restarted VC service and rebooted the box but cant get the Edge to change from 'Not Licensed' to 'Install'.  Any ideas before i rip the whole thing out and start again?