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    vCenter 5 upgrade renamed all my datastores

    penetrateit Lurker

      Has anyone experienced that after a vCenter 5 upgrade all datastores are renamed with “(1)” added to the datastore name? It happened to both all local stores and iSCSI stores. Any know what happend?


      For example


      Name before upgrade: ”cen-sa-emc-01-vmfs05”

      Name after upgrade: ”cen-sa-emc-01-vmfs05 (1)”


      vCenter upgrade was done from vCenter 4.1U2 to v5 build 455964

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          EdWilts Expert

          This can happen if you mount the datastores under multiple names on different hosts.  The mounts have to be EXACTLY the same.  Don't even mount from Nas01.example.com and nas01.example.com and expect vSphere to figure it out even though they resolve to the same IP address.


          Did you run the upgrade checker before you did the upgrade?  I think it catches stuff like this.

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            penetrateit Lurker

            Hi EdWilts,


            I did run "Host Agent Pre-Upgrade Checker", and had all host compliance without any errors. And of course I understand that same name need to be used for datastores on different hosts. As we not running any NAS or NFS stores but only iSCSI, all stores had identical names. And that would not explain why it would rename the local stores as they only exist on that specific host.

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              Chris Wahl Master

              I typically only see the (1) appended when a datastore exists and another is added with the same name. This is common for local storage, which is why you get a datastore, datastore (1), etc. when adding fresh ESX hosts.


              As to -why- that specifically happened when you upgraded, I'd suggest grabbing the logs and submitting to support to see if there's a bug. I know there is already an iSCSI bug floating around that was patched on the host (ESXi) side, but haven't heard of anything on the vCenter side.

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                penetrateit Lurker

                Hi Chris,


                I would understand if any of the stores was name by default that it renamed the datastore name but we have a namestandard on local stores aswell, for examle host_localstore_01, that is uniqe to every host.


                Seen that iSCSI bug aswell, but as you saying its releated to ESXi host and not vCenter.


                I try to contact support and ask what happend, thanks.



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                  TNS_CTC Enthusiast

                  I just upgraded to vSphere 5 across the board as well and see the same exact  bahavior with my datasotres.  They have all been appended with a (1).   All datastores have identical names across hosts, and I don't see a  reason for it.  What's also interesting is that I'm unable to rename the  datasotres back to their original names, and wen I attempt to view  datastores in the storage view using a map, I get an error stating An internal error has occurred: Failed to serialize response. I know that's a topic for another thread, but it may help.  Anyone have ideas?

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                    bangboss Novice

                    Exact same thing on all the Datastores. Local, ISCSI and FC over 3 DC controlled by the vCenter server that was upgraded.


                    I can rename my Datastores to their original name (remove the (1)) without problem though.


                    Another thing I have noted is that the Datastores with a template on them have duplicates, one that works (renamed with (1) the other that kept the original name, only has the templates and the store path is sanfs://vmfs_uuid... is empty.

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                      tsamford Lurker

                           Same issue on our upgrade this weekend.  It did not hurt the VMs.  However if you are using VMware View it breaks all of the pools because the datastores no longer exist.  You have to go in and re-list them all.  My fear of renaming all the datastores back to the original name was I did not want to take the chance that the vmx files might get confused.

                           Has anyone opened a case with VMware on this?  If so please post thier results, if not let me now and I will.  Seems like a bug.





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                        Glenn7 Novice

                        I upgraded 2 farms from 4.0 u2 to version 5.  First farm upgraded fine -  no issues.  2nd one had issue described in this post - all datastores were renamed to x (1) and datastores with templates on them had 2 instances (where the x was inactive and x (1) working and available).  I was able to rename all the (1) datastores to the original names that did not have duplicates.  With the inactive unmanageable datastores I recorded the templates on them and then removed them from the VC inventory.  As soon as they were removed from VC the corresponding inactive datastores disappeared automatically.  I was then able to rename the remaining datastores to their original names.

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                          exxii Lurker

                          I had the same issue upgrading from 4.1 U2 to 5.0.
                          Is there anu official KB from VMware resolving this problem?

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                            BjornSH Novice

                            I have the same error message on a newly installed system (not upgraded) but only for iSCSI volumes, not NFS.

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                              SteveAntle Enthusiast

                              I also upgraded from vSphere 4.1U2 to vSphere 5.0 and have experienced the same issues (those being the (1) appended to each datastore name and a duplicate datastore containing only templates with the sanfs:// prefix). I managed to rename all the datastores OK and as soon as I removed all the templates from inventory the sanfs:// datastore was removed automatically.


                              I am unable view storage maps - I receive the error "An internal error has occurred: Failed to serialize response" (see attached .png).


                              VMware has to post some soft of KB article on this. I have to admit that the upgrade from vSphere 4.1U2 to 5.0 has been nothing but a headache, nothing like moving from 4.0 to 4.1.



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                                trurodh Enthusiast

                                I opened a ticket with VMware in regards to this issue.  This is the reply I initally received from the tech:



                                "This issue usually happens when there are orphaned templates or orphaned view replica VM's. Before upgrade to vSphere5, either unregister all the templates from the virtual center or unprotect all the orphaned replicas from the virtual center. Even after upgrade which caused the duplication of the datastore, unregistering the templates or replicas and doing a rescan will make the duplicate datastores to disappear from inventory. To unprotect the orphaned replicas, Please follow the below mentioned KB article."




                                This is part of the answer as I did have the issue with the templates.  This did not, however, answer the question about why ALL of the datastores were renamed.  The tech could not reproduce the problem but is aware of all of the posts in the community and they are looking into it.  We assume it must have something to do with the database upgrade portion.  Unfortunatley I did not have a log of the upgrade since it is deleted when you reboot theVsphere server.  The logs are in the temp folder (Maybe they need to put them in another folder so they do not get removed on reboot [dbupgrade.log])


                                Anyway, no answer form me or VMware as of yet.  If anyone figures out what happend please post!





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                                  play007 Novice

                                  Has anyone figure out how to get the storage view map to work without getting the "...failed to serialize response"?



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                                    Bill Oyler Enthusiast

                                    I have performed 10 upgrades to vCenter 5 in 10 different environments (FC, iSCSI, NFS) and I would say that about 8 of the 10 environments ended up having all their datastores renamed with "(1)" at the end.  In only 1 or 2 cases was there an "orphaned" template, and in none of the cases were there NFS datastores with different IP addresses.  Fortunately in all cases I was able to rename the datastores to their correct name without any problems, even in the View environments.  But it's still very odd that it happens in the first place.

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