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    how to remove thinapp applications

    kfkehua Enthusiast

      using view 4.5 in testing stage.

      I've deployed some thinapps to a resource pool.

      thereafter, unassigend it from the pool. When trying to delete the thinapp, got error: "Application is associated with a desktop and can not be removed".

      When I go to the "desktops" tab of the thinapp, I see that the desktops are still associated in there, but all buttons are greyed out. cannot do anything.


      any ideas?? or was that the wrong approach for deleting a thinapp???



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          LarryBlanco2 Expert

          You must first "Remove Assignment" from the desktops and make sure that the desktops are no longer using the thinapp.


          You can look at the status of the thinapp for the desktops by clicking on the desktop tab for the specific thinapp


          Only after the thinapp is no longer used by any desktop, you can remove the thinapp from the respository.



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            LarryBlanco2 Expert

            Alsom under the desktop tab, you can retry uninstall or force clear the assignment. 



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              kfkehua Enthusiast

              thats what I did, I unassigned the app from the desktop pool.

              and then when I go under the desktop tab, i still see clients associated with that app, and all the "retry uninstall" and other tabs are greyed out.

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                cdickerson Enthusiast

                noticed this the other day as well.  What I found was that someone needs to be logged into the desktop in order to remove it.  almost like it can't communicate with the VM to do thinapp stuff unless someone is logged into it.

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                  mikebarnett Expert
                  VMware Employees

                  I believe the removal (and addition process for that matter) only gets kicked off once someone logs into the desktop. View won't perform either operation as soon as you kick it off.


                  When planning a removal you may have to remove the assignment and then wait until all users have logged in before completely removing it from your View environment.



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                    LarryBlanco2 Expert

                    Youy are correct, The install and uninstall do not get kicked off untill a user logs in.  So if you uninstall an app and the user is logged off, the app will not be uninstalled until a user logs in to the vm.



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                      DB1213141516 Novice

                      We had this issue as well.  If you want to remove the ThinApp immediately (for example if you're upgrading an application and can't wait for someone to log in again to all machines to remove the assignment) then first remove the assignment to the pool, and run a "Refresh" on the pool.  Once the refresh kicks in on all of the machines, the Desktop assignments will be gone for the Thinapp, and you can remove it.  Hope this helps someone!

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                        caryers Enthusiast

                        That seems kind of drastic to refresh the VM in order to remove the ThinApp. That seem to work on one ThinApp instance.

                        However, I tried to remove another ThinApp that was showing no assignments to any VMs, and I still get the "can't remove thinapp" message.


                        What is the next step to take?

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                          VStark Lurker

                          I'm having the same issue. I have removed the assignment to the pool. But under the thinapp desktops it still shows a handful of machines.


                          I have verified that the machines are logged into. Most are (not worried about the ones that aren't, I can always login to those later).

                          I have verified in the pool that the assignment is no longer there

                          I have also verified under the individual desktops that the assignment is no longer there.

                          This pool was added by mistake and I really need this application off these desktops and the thinapp removed.


                          If I remove individual machines from the thinapp it works just fine, but since the pool was added there is no reference to the individual machines under the assignment tab, only under the desktops tab.


                          Any help would be much appreciated!



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                            vmsf Enthusiast

                            you might have to give sometime for the ADAMS database to update - it can take a while.


                            If that does not work the worst case scenario is to remove the entries manually.


                            But this area definitely needs  some attention from VMware.

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                              VStark Lurker

                              I removed the assignment from the pool approx 7 hours ago. I am going to wait until tomorrow morning to explore other avenues. My next question is, if I remove the machines that are still showing under the desktops tab from the ADAM database will that, in turn, uninstall the application from the virtual machines or will I need to remove the thinapp files from each virtual machine manually?

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                                cjohnson596 Novice

                                I'm adding this as item #879 of infuriating-ThinApp fails.


                                I unassigned a ThinApp from a pool more than 25 hours ago.  The ThinApp remains on 5 of the computers in the pool.  Of these 5 computers one is my own.  I have been logged in the whole time, I have also logged out/back in, have reset the desktop.  All ThinApps of the remaining 5 computers all show 'Installed' or 'Pending Uninstall' for the last 18+ hours.


                                The ThinApp is Mozilla Firefox 8.0, nothing fancy.


                                The problem seems to happen most often when you assign ThinApp by Pool rather than individual computers.  I actually had a VMware support rep on the phone say that assignment by pool is not recommended and that it's best to assign by individual desktop - which the View Administrator does not have a friendly interface for and it defeats the purpose of ThinApps alleged automation.