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    virtual nic to physical nic mapping and default loadbalancing

    sansaran Novice

      how virtual nic of Virtual Machine is get mapped onto physical nic.


      For example.


        lets assume Vswitch1 on esx host1 dedicated for Virtual machine network (port group)  and it has 6 nics bound to it ( vmnic0,vmnic1,vmnic2,vmnic3)


      Load balancing policy(default) -    based on originating virtual port    ( it balances only outgoing traffic across all nic assigned to vswitch1  right?)


      Esxi host1 <------- Vswitch1 (VM network) <-------- (vmnic 0 -vmnic 3)


      Lets assume esxi hosting 6 virtual machines and each virtual machine has two virtual network adapters configured.  Based on going through some documents, found that when virtual machine is powered on it gets connected to availabe ports on virtual swicth. les say, i power on virtual machine in the order VM1,VM2...VM6.


         Vmname       virtual adaptor           port on virtual switch1       Physical nic mapping

           VM1             eth0,eth1                             1,2                        which physical nic mappeed to eth0,eth1 ?

            VM2            eth0,eth1                              3,4                                      ?      

            VM3            eth0,eth1                              5,6                                      ?

            VM4            eth0,eth1                              7,8                                      ?

            VM5            eth0,eth1                              9,10                                    ?

            VM6            eth0,eth1                              11,12                                  ?


      since we use load balancing based on vitual port, can two virtual adapter of same VM get mapped to two physical NIC's. i mean eth0 of VM1 get mapped to VMNIC0(physical nic), eth1 of VM1 get connected VMNIC1 (physical nic).


      That would be great if you could explain how Virtual nics are get mapped to physical NIC.  Is there a command or script to list Virtual NIC(of all vms hosted on esxi ) to Physical NIC mappings in detail.