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      • 15. Re: Windows 7 VM slow after suspending and resuming...
        RogerSC Novice

        It's a few months later...since I have an SSD on my Windows 7 desktop, shutting the Windows 7 VM down and powering it back up again instead of suspending and resuming is quick enough.  Even though there is more visual clutter that way, I only do it once a day.  I've also switched to using VMware Player instead of VMware Workstation since I'm not doing much with the VM other than running it.  And using VMware Player (which I think is essentially included inside VMware Workstation) seems to make the VM run a little better due to its lighter weight.  Could be perception, but the VM seems crisper with Player than it did with Workstation.


        Also, having the VM powered off when I'm not using it is a better state for backing it up.  I brought back VMware Workstation recently (Workstation 8) to set up a shared folder, and it didn't seem as solid yet as Workstation 7 was.  The desktop background on my VM was very badly/choppily rendered using Workstation 8, even after upgrading vmware tools.  And the shared folder didn't help in my downloading a 2.5GB DVD ISO image on the VM, I tried that about 5 times and the VM never completed the transfer using a shared folder on my host system.  So I'm doing that another way, and have gone back to using VMware Player, and my desktop background is normal again *smile*.


        So it goes.

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