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    vSphere HA Waiting for cluster election to complete Operation timed out

    scerazy Expert

      I have enough of re-installing ESX5i (so far this was trhe quickes way to get it working on number of separate incidents - as a side not, vSphere4 just worked fine in my environment, without THAT MUCH fluffing about)


      So now I have a host which almost works (lastest upgrade to 515841), but will NOT get configured for HA


      It starts fine, get to the point:


      The vSphere HA availability state of this host has changed to Election


      and then gives "nice" Timed out


      This host can be dis/connected, pinged, has VM running on it, accesses all Datastores, yet will not do HA


      I went through all KB aricle:




      with no resolution


      Anybody has any more (useful) ideas?





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