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    VMA 5.0 ip address pool required ?

    sc_2111@vmtn Hot Shot

      Hi ,

      I've downloaded and imported the VMA 5.0  472630

      While importing it I noticed a warning about the fact that it requires an IP POOL but gave it no much importance as I wanted to assign a fixed IP.

      So after the import I tried to start the VM but it fails with the error the no IP ADDRESS POOL was associated to the virtual lan.


      So I created an IP POOL and associated it to the lan and have the VM booted.

      after booting I was prompted for the initial network configuration .

      I set a static IP , so I hoped to get rid off the IP POOL . But removing the association prevented again the VM from booting.


      So my question is :

      What the use for IP POOL if I want to use a static IP ?

      Can I get rid of such requirement ?