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    vm host keeps logging out and back in

    ealbert Lurker

      I have an issue that's been driving me nuts.  I know it must be a setting somewhere, as this is happening on 2 of my hosts which are in different locations, with different internet connections.  I log into the host with the vshpere client (from outside), and every 30 seconds or so it logs me out, and right back in while I'm working on the VM (I don't even have to re-enter the password or anything).  Both hosts do exactly the same thing, and when I look at the events on the host, it says user root logged out, and user root logged in.  I tried changing the management network to it's own router, changing the power management to high performance, but I can't seem to find where I have to change (or what) so that this doesn't happen.  It's extremely frustrating, because the only way I can work on a VM is through RDP (which keeps the connection fine once the VM is up and running), and I can't upload any files to the  datastores because it keeps interupting when it disconnects.


      Can anyone let me know what I need to do?