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    Web Server

    BigBadBooey Lurker

      Hi - sorry if this question has been asked before, I am very new to VMware and very new to this discussion board!  I hope its the right place.


      Basically I have a none VM appliance that I use for wireless guest access in my organisation.  The guest access is then only allowed Internet connectivity - no connecitivity to our LAN.


      One of the options that I have is to be able to call an image via HTTP for the wireless guest access page.  I have decided various images that we wish to use.  At the moment the only way I have of facilitating this is to upload the image to a local virtual Microsoft Windows server and then call it from there.  However, because of licencing and space restrictions this means pointing the appliance to the LAN for this.


      I was wondering if anybody knew of a very low footprint, cheap (if not free ), Linux style alternative that was simply only a webserver.  I could put this into a DMZ and just upload the images to it and leave it running from there.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      All the best