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    VDR 2.0 Rehearsal Recovery

    racom Enthusiast


      I'm trying to make rehearsal recovery of Windows Server 2003 backup but it always ends with "The device '4' is refering to a nonexistenting controller '-5'" error. Another error is in the VDR reports: "Trouble writing files, error -3956".


      I suppose it is because of USB key mounted to W2003 guest. I have no chance to try restore direct into running VM. Is any way to assure that backup is ready for restore if necessary? Is any way to do rehearsal recovery with modified settings to omit USB?


      We're running two node vSphere 5.0 cluster with VMware vCenter Server Appliance and VMware Data Recovery VM imges are placed on DAS, backups on NAS via NFS.


      Thanks in advance

      Tomas Lavicky