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    vmreconfig.pl add device CD/DVD fails if VM created with vmcreate.pl

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      I am trying to add a cdrom to my VM that I created with the vmcreate.pl.


      When I use the vmreconfig.pl script to create the cdrom I get the following error..

      Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/lib/vmware-vcli/apps/vm/..//AppUtil/VMUtil.pm line 898.


      Ok so I manually create a cdrom in vSphere and try agian...


      Adding cd 'cd' . . .
      Virtual machine 'vmname4' is reconfigured successfully.


      Ok so I think my VM that I created with the vmcreate.pl is missing the ide0:0 or something...


      Any suggestions on how I can do this?


      I am trying to do the following..


      1. Create VM using vmcreate.pl.

      2. Add CDrom to VM using vmreconfig.pl.


      Thanks in advanced.