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    vApp fails to configure static IP address

    jaymelo2wist Novice

      Hi all,

      this is is my first post and I am doing POC in deploying our product as vApp.

      I am using VMWare studio 2.5 with vCenter, EXS, and vSphere 4.1.

      We are Debian image by converting ubuntu profile in build profile.


      Everything works fine when I leave network settings to DHCP server and do not enter any values in Network settings dialog(gateway/ip/dns/mask).


      But when I speciy valid custom values in the Network settings(gateway/ip/dns/mask), IP address provided by me during deployment is not getting configured and instead different IP address is getting configured. I have tried this many times and I am not able to successfully set the custom IP address.


      While building vApp, I have choosen "DHCP/Static IP Address" in IP Address Deployment Choices in vCenter from Output tab.


      Even after choosing DHCP/Fixed/Transient address, I am not able to set the custom IP address.


      On the same setup, I have tried deploying VMWare Studio VM with static IP addresses downloaded from VMWare site and the VM successfully gets custom IP address provided by me during deployment.


      This concludes that there is some issue with my vApp with regard to network settings.


      If I choose DHCP, vApp gets proper IP address and everything works fine.

      If I configure custom values for gateway/ip/dns/mask, these values are not getting configured vApp fails to get ip address

      When I try to deploy VMWare Studio with the same above custom values, IP is configured with whatever value/address provided by me during deployment.


      Please point me to where can I be going wrong? Is there any package or tool  or extra settings required while building vApp to set static or custom IP addresses? What is that VMWare studio vApp is successful and my test vApp is not able to get custom IP address ?


      I have gone through the blogs and its not much help as they talk about setting IP pools and providng custom values during build.

      My concern is on the same setup, vmware studio vApp gets custom IP address and my test vApp fails to get IP.