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    ESXI 4.1 U1 Disk read latency issue

    IRivera Novice

      Is anyone out there using Xendestop 4 with vSphere ESXi 4.1 U1?  We have a new implementation of Xendestop 4, on ESXi with EMC Clariion (FC) storage where in the middle of VDI project deployment we started noticing random datastore (DS) read latency spikes well above 300ms.  The spikes can occur to any DS, any ESX host and  at any time.  Browsing to the datastore and looking at each VM we can see that one out of the eight in the 130gb datastore spiked.

      Looking at VM we do no see any indications as to why.

      We have been working with VMware support, talked to Citrix support, and EMC but are getting no where.  Neither vendor finds any clues in their system's logs.

      Am i chasing a ghost?



      Xendesktp = 4.0

      PVS = 5.6 sp1

      WI = 5.4

      Streaming offline plugin 6.02 and profiler 6.02


      VM guest: Windows XP SP3