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    New Configuration and VMX setting in VMware Fusion 4.1

    Hot Shot

      VMware Fusion 4.1 introduces two new settings that might be useful in a couple of very specific circumstances:


      Full Screen Menu Bar Delay

      Moving the cursor to the top edge of the screen in full screen mode now pulls down the Fusion menu bar. This is the Lion approach to accessing menus from full screen applications. By default there is a small delay before the menu bar appears. This was implemented to avoid accidentially accessing the host menu when running Mac OS X Lion as a guest in full screen mode.


      The delay can be adjusted or removed using this setting in /Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/config

      fusion.fullScreenMenuDelay = "X"
      where X is seconds. A value of "0" removes the delay.


      Host Model Passthrough Options

      This new .vmx option enables host model pass-through:

         hw.model.reflectHost = "TRUE"

      This will cause the VM to see the same model ID as the host.  The default for this option is FALSE.  Be aware that using this option may cause VM portability issues since the guest may now depend on this behavior and the type of the underlying Mac.