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    VMware View 5.0 copy/paste operations problem

    jasonboche Champion

      vSphere 5.0

      View 5.0



      I was unable to copy/paste between my View client session and my desktop so I powered off the View VM and added the following to the VM advanced configuration:

      isolation.tools.copy.disable = true

      isolation.tools.paste.disable = true         


      Partial success… I can copy from my desktop and paste into the View VM but I can’t do the reverse.  I can’t copy inside the View VM and bring that clipboard text back out to my desktop.  I didn’t see anything about copy/paste in the View Connection Server pool or global configuration.


      The interesting thing is that outside of the View client, copy/paste works both directions when accessing the VM using the vSphere Client remote console.  This tells me the commands above work and are correct, except they don’t work 100% with the View Client.


      Am I missing anything?


      Thank you,