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    A particular VM fails vMotion at 10%

    llinchen Lurker



      I have a VM (call it VM-special) which fails vMotion at 10%, most of the time.

      I have managed to vMotion VM-special only twice out of 40-50 attempts.


      I looked at VMware kb 1003734 to troubleshoot on the host, but still, i am unable to migrate this VM.

      Then I cloned VM-special into another host in another datacentre. The new host has no issues vMotion-ing all other VMs.

      However, for VM-special, I am still unable to vMotion and stuck at 10%.


      I believe the issue lies with VM-special itself, and not on the host. I suspect it could be due to the VMX file on the VM. I tried googling about VMX related settings for vMotion, but to no avail.


      Both old and new hosts are running on ESX 4.1u1. VM hardware version is 4.


      Can experts here help me?


      Thank you.