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    Running a workflow from powershell

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      We have a number of custom workflows in Orchestrator to build a VM. If we start the workflow in Orchestrator provide all the imputs this works fine. We are now attempting to run this workflow from a powershell script that provides all the required imputs. I have tested the script on the "Create a simple XML document" and this worked fine. When I run the script against our "Test Deploy" workflow it starts the workflow then errors straight away with Cannot convert to object , reason : null. I can not figure out what is wrong.


      If I query the workflow these are the imputs it expects

      name : folder
      type : VC:VmFolder

      name : name
      type : string

      name : host
      type : VC:HostSystem

      name : pool
      type : VC:ResourcePool

      name : nic1Network
      type : VC:Network

      name : MemoryMB
      type : number

      name : CPUs
      type : number

      name : clientName
      type : string

      name : TemplateVM
      type : VC:VirtualMachine


      I have attached the script in hope someone may be able to help resolve this issue.