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    Difference between deploying from a template and reverting to a snapshot?

    peter79 Enthusiast



      I have a VM which is currently working perfectly which I'm doing some testing on,  I want to take a point in time copy in case there are any issues before it goes in to production.


      My 2 options are a snapshot or create a template.  My concern is that if I take a snapshot it could be in existence for up to a week (if not more).  That's well outside VMware best practices (as well as my own).


      I could create a template from the VM and deploy from it if required.


      This leads me to my question.  Is there any difference (in terms of end result) between reverting to a snapshot and deleting a VM and deploying a replacement from the template.  From a guest OS point of view would both VM's be the same?


      I hope my post made sense to you guys.