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    validating drop down's in web-views

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      I am working on creating a self-service provisioning portal, so our server admin's can generate new VM requets.

      It has mostly been built on the vcoteam tutorial. (thanks guys!)


      I have been expanding it to allow the admins to select the number of CPU's, amount of RAM, etc..


      for the CPU and RAM input, I started out using an array of "Predefined answers", with a default value.

      This worked great, except the user could choose "Select..." or "-------" as an option in the drop down, and the workflow would break.


      What is the best way to validate for that in the webview?


      Alternatively, I did see that there is an "Enums:vCPU" and "Enums:vRAM" variable type.

      Those would be great, as the drop downs match the other dropdowns in the workflow..

      At least tyhey would be if I could modify them so that the users can only select a maximum of 8GB of ram, or sort them so that the ram choices

      are in order.





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          The presentation has some validation properties..

          For numbers you can use the Maximum / minimum properties.


          You can also write an action validating the input and returning true if right and use the "custom validation" property with linking it to this action.



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            There must be something simple that I am missing, and I will probably be embarrased when I figure it out..


            The validation of these fields does not occur until the form is submitted, at which point the workflow will just fail.

            Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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              Ok, well, I managed to make this work by using variable of type 'string' rather than 'number'.


              I set the variable to string, set an array of pre-defined answers, with a default value, and made it a mandatory field.


              "Mandatory input" was not available for type 'Number', and it would let me select garbage data. Maybe it's a bug?


              Thanks for your help!