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        cho9045 Enthusiast
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        I had the same problem.

        By increasing RAM size of ESXi 4.1 host from 2GB to 2.5GB, all works fine now. As suggested in this post I think it RAM size issue on ESXi4.1

        Before this I have tried some suggestions from KB article those includes enabling scratch swap, renaming management network, host name resolution and reconnecting ESXi4.1. Now I am sure renaming management network and enabling scratch swap are not relevant to the problem. Just increasing RAM size fixes it. scratch swap is not enabled and menagement network name unchanged. I configured HA with ESX4.1 and ESXi4.1 so management network name is different. one is 'Service Console' and the other is 'Management Network'.


        Thanks for the all suggestions posted here.

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          benwayj Enthusiast

          It really is a Monday. I'm not following you on where you adding RAM.


          Since ESXi doesn't have a service console I didn't think you had to set aside RAM anymore.


          I have one ESXi 4.1 fully patch server having an issue were the HA fails to configure. This is after a reboot from this weekend. (Servers all got reracked and CNA cards installed)



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            cho9045 Enthusiast
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            I assume that you're testing ESXi in virtual environment. So you can add more memory by editting virtual machine configuration.


            I was testing ESXi 4.1 virtial machines in VMware Workstation.


            If you're using physical server for ESXi 4.1 then I think you need more RAM installed phydically.


            Let me know more about your environment. Is it virtual or physical? How many RAMs configured for ESX4.1?





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