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    vMotion network graph - choppy?

    FredPeterson Expert


      Attached image is a vMotion of a 64GB VM.  The only vMotion on a 1Gb NIC thats dedicated to vMotion.


      The owners of the VM in question reported an issue that we can now tie back to the vMotion event.  Not the actual transition from host to host but the vMotion event itself.


      Anybody have any ideas as to why the in process vMotion would cause an issue and/or why the graph is choppy like this and not simply a smooth line?


      To be honest I've never studied the networking graphs like this before.

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          zanmk Enthusiast

          Have you found source of this behaviour ? We’re experiencing the same issue for smaller machines 8GB and 16 GB. VMotion process takes quite long time but network infrastructure doesn’t seem to be the culprit. All the VMotion traffic is closed within Blade chassis (HP Virtual Connect) with 1GB internal links. The traffic seems to freeze for several second, then jumps to 100MBps and dies again.

            Maybe it is buggy ESXi – 4.1u1. Two problematic clusters are built on this version. Another two are 4.1 and the issue doesn't exist.