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    hgfs problem with ubuntu 11.04

    bukrat Novice

      With Ubuntu 11.04 64 bit guest on a osx 10.6.7 host, when a file in a shared directory is edited or renamed on the host, the guest view of that file breaks.  A directory listing from the guest for that file simply contains   "????????  ????    ???".  And of course the file is not readable from the guest.  On the host there are not issues.   Additionally, creation of a new file from the host in a shard directory functions correctly.


      This is using the latest vmtools package VMwareTools-8.4.7-416484.tar.gz


      I also tried the same actions on ubuntu 10.10 with the same vmtools package and everything functions as expected.

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          wila Guru
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          Welcome at the VMware communities forum.


          This sounds like a character set problem of some sort.

          I can't see what language you are normally using, but could it be that your Virtual Machine is not set to support the same language as your host?

          Can you create the files with characters exclusive to your language locally in the VM?


          PS: It's very well possible that it is a localisation bug in vmware tools, just trying to isolate the problem a little bit.


          Hope this helps,



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            bukrat Novice

            Hi Will, I'm using standard emglish char set. 


            I simple create a file on the host, then when i rename or edit the file on the host, i cannot read it again on the ubuntu 11.04 guest.


            Here is the screen shot.  In this case I created a file on the host "foo" and then renamed it on the host to "bar", and this is what a dir listing looks like from the guest side.   I do notice that sometimes this works, so things are  intermitant. 

            I ran into this on one of our development systems when we ugraded to ubuntu 11.04 server 64 bit, guest from 10.10 and files are edited on the host with vim.  I noticed that renaming the file on the host produced same problem

            I have not seen this issue on 10.10



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              ctkmac Lurker

              I can confirm that this happens to me as well on 11.04.  When the file is changed on the host while the VM is running, the permissions only show ?'s.  Am running VMWare Fusion 3.1.3 on 10.6.7.


              I've tried editing fstab/mtab to  include uid,gid but this does not help.


              Edit:  I've noticed that it keeps the mac users uid and gid.  so in your case user of the files is 501 and gid is dialout.  Not sure if this affects anything.  My gid is dialout(20 i believe) as well.

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                naneau Lurker

                I too experience this problem with an entirely clean install of Ubuntu 11.04 Server (64 bit). I can access files just fine from my guest, but as soon as I change a file on the host, permissions show as ?????? and I can't stat the file anymore.


                Host is OSX Lion.

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                  ctkmac Lurker

                  I have not found anyway to get around this issue, hopefully it will be resolved in the near future.  Until then I've set up sshfs as a work around.


                  From the Mac enable remote login from Sharing.


                  On ubuntu install sshfs:  sudo apt-get install sshfs


                  Then you can make a script to mount the folder on startup.



                  IP=`route -n | grep 192.168.[1-9].[1-9] | awk '{print $2}' | grep -v`

                  sshfs $IP:/PATH/OF/MAC/FOLDER/TO/SHARE/ ~/Desktop/folder-name


                  This has been much more stable for me than other work arounds while still keeping things secure.

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                    naneau Lurker

                    I ended up doing the same, although I can't say I'm too happy about that. SSHFS isn't particularly fast, and I would prefer to not have to open SSH on my host.

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                      bukrat Novice

                      I recently tried to force compile the tools on 11.04 but experienced the same results.

                      A little unfortunate that this is an issue as vmware host/guest compatibility has been so solid for a long time, and this is the first show stopper issue for us. 

                      We rely on hgfs for our dev infrastructure so this required us to create new dev system based on 10.10 and push it out to our devs.

                      Maybe this is a bug in ubuntu, but seeing that one of the changelog features in 3.1.3 was "File access: Improved reliability accessing shared files on the Mac." maybe there was a regression.

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                        mattiniemela Novice

                        I am also experiencing this very same problem on two different computers, at work and at home. Both run the latest OSX, VMWare and VMWare tools.


                        I hope the trust I've put into VMWare for it's professionalism, instead of it's competitors such as Parallels Desktop, will pay off with this kind of nasty bugs being squashed in a timely fashion.


                        Please fix this asap. This is affecting our day-to-day jobs, every day, nearly every hour.

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                          mattiniemela Novice

                          Today I installed VMWare Fusion 4 and the latest VMWare tools found inside the larger installer package (lite cannot find package from the update server, it says) and can confirm that this bug is present also in Fusion 4.


                          Please fix this asap.

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                            Pukupi Lurker

                            Same here. Files loose permissions in shared folders on edit with Ubuntu 11.04 Vmware Fusion 3 or 4 guest. If I restart Ubuntu, permissions are restored (until next edit).


                            Interestingly if I edit a text file with BBEdit, persmissions are intact on save but if I edit with TextEdit, permissions are lost.

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                              mattiniemela Novice

                              Good VMWare,


                              I am happy to report that this HGFS bug is still making our lives miserable and difficult.


                              Something I've once said just popped into my mind and suits this situation so well; Please fix this asap.

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                                mattiniemela Novice

                                And BTW, don't think this is some kind of character set problem (in which case you should still fix it!). I have en-US OSX installed, and I installed the Ubuntu 11.04 in English (with a finnish keyboard which ofc doesn't affect HGFS!).


                                Also all the files are UTF-8 containing mostly ASCII (save for the translation files).

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                                  beverlyguillermo Lurker

                                  I ran across this problem tonight... so it's still an issue.  I hate work arounds, it should work as it did before with just a normal hgfs mount.  Please fix this!

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                                    martyvona Lurker

                                    Same problem here.  About to downgrade to 10.04 so I can get work done.  Unfortunately I'm using an academic site license that appears not to have support privs.  Has anone here filed a vmware support request to put this on their radar?


                                    Another partial workaround is to unmount/remount hgfs when you get the errors.  This at least temporarily clears them up for me:


                                    sudo umount /mnt/hgfs
                                    sudo mount -t vmhgfs .host:/ /mnt/hgfs


                                    also see http://askubuntu.com/questions/55316/changed-files-are-not-recognised-on-mounted-drive

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