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    IP address not set at VM boot

    blainek Novice


      Environment: ESX 4 Server, hosting VMware Studio 2.0 (released version), will deploy created appliance into same ESX host.




      I still haven't been able to figure out if my expectation is wrong, but I expected that when my VM would start up that it would have an IP address already assigned if I complete the Network Settings section in Build Settings. But when I start my VM, it boots up with IP =



      I'm setting Network Type = Static, and filling in all the details for IP, Netmask, Gateway, DNS 1 & 2. It seems that these are used when the VM is being "built" on the host, but I'm not entirely sure about that.



      In OVF IP Assignment settings, I've tried selecting OVF Environment, but haven't defined any OVF Properties (I don't think this should be required if I'm already setting the address in Build Settings).



      After building, in my vSphere Client (ESX4), I choose File > Deploy OVF Template... > Deploy from URL and paste the URL from the recently built VM. I start the VM and watch the console screen boot and load the OS. IP address never gets assigned and the appliance console screen appears with IP=



      I then have to login to the image, manually assign the IP settings and then everything works. I expected this to be done at boot time so that my firstbootscript can take advantage of the IP address already being assigned.






      Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way, but my usecase is as follows:





      Build VM > Distribute VM to end user >  end user deploys  to ESX and chooses IP address > end user boots VM for first time > firstbootscript is automatically run






      Am I missing something? Do I have different expectations about how IP assignment is supposed to work? I've read about IP Pools, but that's not an option in my vSphere Client.