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    vSphere Storage Appliance Offline Demo available now for your use...

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      We wanted to share with you the Offline Demo for the vSphere Storage Appliance. The vSphere Storage Appliance Offline Demo is intended to help you quickly navigate through some of the product features without setting up the actual product.


      The Demo runs as a .exe and was created with an internal tool and based on the real product (no smoke and mirrors here)


      Some use cases for using an Offline Demo


      - Quickly explore our product without having to install infrastructure

      - Presenting product overview to your teams

      - Training


      Enjoy the Offline Demo - Please do send us your feedback !


      Frequently Asked Questions.


      Q. Do I need a license to use the Demo ?

      A. No, this is a read only demo of the Product running as a Windows exe, no license requiered


      Q. Is there any support for this Demo ?

      A. No, but please do send us feedback or ask your questions on this thread.


      Q. I noticed there is an expiration date when I start the demo, why is this here ?

      A. We add this expiration date in order to keep the Demos fresh and current. Once this demo is expired we will update this demo on this forum (12 - 18 months)


      Q. The Demo is a Windows exe, are there plans to make more web friendly or Mac version ?

      A. Yes the vendor has been developing a web based prototype no release dates yet. Mac version has been discussed please do let us know what you would like to see.


      Q. Are there plans to add more Offline Demos ?

      A. Yes, we are looking at doing this and starting with the vSphere Storage Appliance


      Happy Demo'ing


      Pablo Roesch

      Cloud Infrastructure - Technical Marketing



      Note from our Legal Dept.

      The vSphere Storage Appliance Offline Demo is a Windows executable and may contain viruses.


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