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    Another "Vsphere 5 Enhancement": resource pools removed from ESXi

    zoran4afc Novice

      So, if you don't wan't to buy vCenter, you will not have resource pools any more.


      I qoute:



        All resource pool settings are moved to VMware vCenter Server.


        An auto deployed VMware ESXi host cannot contain configuration settings or resource pool configuration.


        The movement of settings to vCenter Server allows:

        - Auto deployed ESXi hosts to use resource pools


      end of qoute



      BTW, you have to buy Enterprise+ licence to be able to use Auto deploy feature.

      Regarding the "Reason": Even an auto deployed ESXi have at least unique management IP address. IP address is a configuration setting.

      A standard switch (vSS) is also configuration setting. I didn't try, maybe someone is: can you configure a standard switch in an autodeployed ESXi?

      If you can't, why should you can configure vSS in non-autodeployed ESXi?


      Maybe we can expect in some future licensing scheme that a standard switch will be moved to vCenter also.