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    comparing Mhz from 2005 to 2011

    iaco Novice

      i know i may asking for the holy grail here, but i'd like to have some opinions on that.

      i'm going to plan an hw refresh for a farm built way back in 2005, based on Xeon MP 3.0 Ghz processors, with newer blades with some X5660 processors.

      looking at the vcenter statistics i can see the actual farm is using something like 50Ghz as an average, and has a physical to virtual cpu ratio of about 1.5.

      by a rule of thumb, i may say that on newer processors, doubling the p2v cpu ratio won't cause any problem, even if i don't have any evidence to prove it.

      speaking of Mhz instead, i'm trying to find out how a 2011 core compares to a 2005 one.

      even if X5660 cores are running at 2.8Ghz, i don't think they're "slower" than Xeon MP ones.

      is a standard benchmark like specint2006 a viable tool to compare cores "speed"? so may i say that 25Ghz from a 2011 X5660 are equivalent to 50Ghz from a 2005 Xeon?