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        jsnow201110141 Novice

        I'm sorry to tell, no luck so far on my system... the 6450 just arrived, first it looked promising, no BSOD after passthrough but windows detected the card as "Unknown VGA" and it had an exclamation mark to it ((Device could not be started (Code 10))". During and after installation of the latest catalyst driver I ran into the same old BSOD loop: atimpag.sys *damn*


        will give it a more thorough test after I'm back from work.


        so long for now


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          FuNK3Y Novice



          This is a bad news, I was really hopping that it would work.


          I should recieve mine tomorrow, I will do some tests on my own.

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            BAM279 Novice



            sorry to hear of your issues with this  Would you possibly have any other passthrough devices being passed through to the host?  Or, do you have another free PCIe slot that you could try plugging the vga card into on your motherboard?


            The reason I ask, is because I think that the combination of connected PCI/PCIe devices, the slots they are in, and what ones are enabled for passthrough, can have an effect on whether things work or not.


            I came to this conclusion yesterday, after I had added a new PCIe 1x USB controller card and plugged it into my last remaining free slot on my motherboard and set it up for passthrough, only to find that it had "renumbered" my ATI cards passthrough ID from 0:0:7 to 0:0:9 in ESXi, which in turn listed the card as "Unavailable Passthrough Device" in my VMs hardware list.  I removed and readded the card (as the 0:0:9 device) and powered it on, thinking that it should still work wtihin the VM - needless to say, it didnt, and I got the atipmag.dll BSOD error...  I tried reinstalling the drivers and doing the various things I have previously suggested on this thread but to no avail.


            I ended up having to remove this PCIe USB card as it wouldnt even work when passed through on its own to another standalone vm - upon powering up the vm I would get various popup errors ranging from "action cancelled by user" to "this vm does not have enough video ram for the specified maximum resolution" which seems bizarre as the vm works perfect as soon as I remove the passed through usb card.


            I think this has taught me that ESXi may simply be sensitive to the various hardware configurations we may have and any changes that are made.  I could probably learn more if I started swapping the cards around between slots etc.. but I will leave that for others to test as im just happy my vga card is working again once I removed that usb card!



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              jsnow201110141 Novice


              BAM279 wrote:


              Would you possibly have any other passthrough devices being passed through to the host?  Or, do you have another free PCIe slot that you could try plugging the vga card into on your motherboard?

              I removed all passthrough devices (e.g. onboard audio) before testing the above. in the VMDP overview, only the gpu and the hdaudio part of the card were passed through. all PCI/PCIe slots on my board are unoccupied but the one with the vga card. I plan on testing the vga card in the other slots as soon as I have time and will let you know how it works out.




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                FuNK3Y Novice

                I gave a try with my brand new HD6450, and like everyone I get a BSOD.


                I will give another try when ESXi 5 will be released.

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                  jsnow201110141 Novice

                  sorry to hear that FuNK3Y.

                  haven't had any luck either. I tried several options, different BIOS settings, all the PCIe slots but always BSOD atikmpag.sys




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                    sevet Novice

                    Ordered a sapphire 3450 from eBay, in the meanwhile, I found 3470 at work.


                    3470 didn't work

                    3450 arrived from ebay and didn't work as well....  Its almost the same card as suggested by BAM279 the difference is he seems to have a 256mb card and mine which is from the same vendor, has 512mb.... (couldn't find a 256mb) could this be a issue?


                    This looks so close to working but i'm almost at the edge of giving up, already bought two cards.


                    What BAM279 wrote in his last post was interesting though regarding other cards in the system interfering with the GPU passthrough, problem is I almost don't have any, I checked with and without a Matrox PCI as the host GPU and passing a second card PCIe (nvidia 6200, 8400GS, ATI 4670, 3470, 3450)

                    Also with out the PCI card....


                    I also have a small PCIe SATA controller which I must have tried changing its place, but not removing it.


                    Any one got an idea?

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                      BAM279 Novice

                      Hi sevet,


                      Have you set your vm to use no more than 2GB vRAM and fully reserved this amount?


                      Are you getting the Ati BSOD that many of us have experienced, or something else?  It might be worth trying the trick of disabling the ATI card within safe mode then re-enabling after a normal reboot then installing the catalyst drivers.



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                        speeedy Lurker



                        I get bsod error about dxgmms1.sys after installing vmware tools. Before tools install radeon 5450 shows correctly in the deivce manager.


                        What could cause that error. Im using DQ67SW motherboard and Radeon HD 5450

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                          jsnow201110141 Novice

                          Hi speeedy,


                          I don't know why or how, but I have a feeling that it's related to the virtual vga adapter (VMware SVGA 3D). If you disable this device, the effect is the same as if you hadn't installed VMware Tools. All the passed through vga cards I tested appeared as "working properly" in the device manager. but the respective driver could not detect the device (e.g. ATI Catalyst dialog pops up after reboot, telling "No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not  functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your  AMD hardware."). after enabling the VMware SVGA 3D adapter, for me, it was always the same = BSOD.


                          for now I'm also waiting for ESXi 5...




                          • 70. Re: VMDirectPath and ATI Radeon
                            jsnow201110141 Novice

                            alright, cards and boards (especially chipsets) on the table - let's visualize what we got here so far:








                            esxi_vmdp_comparison_4.gif      esxi_vmdp_comparison_5.gif

                            I kindly ask taylorjonl, NetMika, twood, Zakcar1, Haxxfilif, adiloret and FuNK3: Please post your board/chipset to allow for further comparison.





                            edit 1: hmpf, no cell colors in html tables... damn

                            edit 2: uploaded screenshots; is it me or are they not being displayed?!

                            edit 3: hopefully now ...

                            edit 4: why is there no preview.... geeeeez

                            edit 5(thousand): finally

                            edit: thanks BAM, added NV 6800GS PCIe

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                              adiloret Novice

                              Motherboard: Asus SABERTOOTH X58

                              Chipset: Intel X58/ICH10R

                              Graphics cards tested: Gigabyte HD4350, Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 5750


                              Both cards work fine with basic Win 7 32-bit VM (just installed VMware Tools, attached the PCIe device, and it was detected). Had no issues installing the drivers.


                              However, as noted by many, DVXA does not work for me.

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                                BAM279 Novice

                                Hey jsnow, nice effort with the compatibility matrix - very useful for keeping up to date on what works and what doesnt


                                You can add an NV 6800GS PCIe to my list of tested and -not- working gpus... its another case of error code 10 - device cannot start and has a problem, in device manager.



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                                  jsnow201110141 Novice

                                  thanks adiloret, I updated my post


                                  according to this overview it's salient that you seem to require at least a server-kind-of-class mainboard/chipset to get this to work...

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                                    taylorjonl Enthusiast

                                    My motherboard is a TYAN S7012GM4NR which has the following chipsets: Intel 5520 / ICH10R.  I wouldn't say it worked, it installed and passed through to the VM but it wasn't fully functional.  I havne't worked on it in a while, it is boxed up because I moved, just closed on my new house so I will be pulling it out soon though.

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