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    vSphere 5 License Query Script - Results Thread

    CCJNL Enthusiast

      I'm not sure if this has type of results thread has been started else where but I am interested to see what the real world scenarios are and how VMware's customers may or may not be affected.


      Some nifty scripts have appeared that cut right to the chase and informs you if you are currently using more or less vRAM that you would be entitled to  under vSphere 5 licensing rules.


      Check the scripts out here and post your results!!!


      Alan Renoufhttp://www.virtu-al.net/2011/07/14/vsphere-5-license-entitlements/
      Hugo Peetershttp://www.peetersonline.nl/index.php/vmware/calculate-vsphere-5-licenses-with-powershell/






      It is worth noting that as Hugo mentioned on his blog, his script "assumes the environment is homogeneous, so uses only one type of edition."  I've also had feedback that it does not take into consideration how many CPU licenses are registered in vCenter.  Rather it looks at how many CPU licenses are in use by the hosts managed by vCenter.  What that means is that if you own 36 CPU licenses but are only using 22 CPUs, the calculation will be based off of 22, not 36.

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          kopper27 Expert

          I am getting nothing from this script


          I added my VC name but I get nothing from it



          $vCenterServerName = "VC_FQDN"
          $VC = Connect-VIServer $vCenterServerName

          is there something else I need to change? or add?

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            CCJNL Enthusiast

            @kopper27:  I believe it requires vSphere 4.1, you can try another script that Hugo Peeters wrote.  Not sure if that has same requirement.


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              logiboy123 Expert

              I found the PeetersOnline script easier to use;


              My present company is one of the lucky ones, we are using Enterprise licensing.


              pCpu Count: 38
              vRAM (GB):  482
              Resulting license options:

              Edition                                                Entitlement                                       Licenses
              -------                                                     -----------                                            --------
              Essentials/Essentials Plus/Standard       1 pCpu + 24 GB vRAM                     38 with 430 GB vRAM overhead
              Enterprise                                             1 pCpu + 32 GB vRAM                     38 with 734 GB vRAM overhead
              Enterprise Plus                                      1 pCpu + 48 GB vRAM                     38 with 1342 GB vRAM overhead

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                kopper27 Expert

                yeah I am using vpshere 4.1 update 1


                trying the other script


                to tell you the truth I don't understand the results I might need to read this PDF for licensing


                vSphere PowerCLI.jpg

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                  CCJNL Enthusiast



                  Depending on your license level you either have:

                  32GB of vRAM Overhead (Essentials,Essentials+, Standard)

                  96GB of vRAM Overhead (Enterprise)

                  224GB of vRAM Overhead (Enterprise+)


                  Either way it looks like you are good to go and won't need additional licensing when moving to vSphere 5 based on your environment (Powered on VM's) today.

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                    Jwalsh2 Novice

                    Also using the other script my results are:



                    Counting physical cpu's and vRAM in your environment. Please be patient...
                    pCpu Count: 114
                    vRAM (GB):  2389
                    Resulting license options:
                    Edition                                          Entitlement                           Licenses
                    -------                                             -----------                                 --------
                    Enterprise Plus                             1 pCpu + 48 GB vRAM           114 with 3083 GB vRAM overhead
                    NOTE: vRAM only counts memory allocated to vm's that are POWERED ON.
                    NOTE: Please double check the results of this script, since hosts may have been omitted due to errors.
                    Disclaimer: No rights can be deduced from this calculation.
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                      Chris Wahl Master
                      pCpu Count: 30
                      vRAM (GB):  2190
                      Resulting license options:
                      Edition                                      Entitlement                                  Licenses                                   
                      -------                                      -----------                                  --------                                   
                      Enterprise Plus                              1 pCpu + 48 GB vRAM                          46 with 16 pCpu overhead                   
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                        Troy Clavell Guru

                        Here's a couple snips from our NON VDI vCenter Instances.  Looks like we're ready for vSphere 5






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                          Rumple Master


                          Holy MotherF$%^$#


                          We are currently using 4x vsphere 4 Standard licenses currently on 2 hosts with 144GB of Physical memory between them (96GB on one and 48Gb on the other)


                          According to this page - http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/pricing.html


                          By using existing 4 Standard licenses I would still need to purchase 12 Standard Licenses (because I will need growth budgeted) thats $15000 best case...$12k if I push hard


                          Assuming vmware gave me upgrade pricing for difference between Enterprise and Standard for my 4 vCPU's and didn't increase my S&S thats still going to hurt.


                          Standard to Enterprise Licenses

                          4x upgrade licenses = $7520

                          I also need at least 2 extra licenses to growth:

                          8x$2870+S&S = $28744


                          Total upgrade coverage = $36264...even with discounts that $30k...


                          Standard to Enterprise Plus

                          4xUpgrade licenses = $10000

                          4xEnterprise Plus = $17476


                          Best case I get a deal for 24k or so....


                          Thats to provide me features I do not use...and to allow me to upgrade to vsphere 5...which for me, really means vmfs 5 functionality increase (ie larger then 2TB volumes..)


                          I obviously use my environment to the extreme...which is what I paid for vmware for...if I wanted to kinda use it I would have been on hyper-V already since I already paid for the datacenter licenses for these servers...I would have saved myself 10k upfront.


                          I want the high density consolidation which obviously works very well with vmware...but now after you get me hooked on crack you jack the price...


                          Realistically speaking, I do not purchase hardware to scale out because every server I add, at a minimum adds $500/month to my datacenter costs (not withstanding the lease costs for the hardware).  I therefore increase the RAM in my systems.


                          Obviously this means no revenue stream for vmware...I get it, I really do...


                          So..why not drop this stupid CPU count and go strictly with minimum host charge and then change me an incremental cost for vRAM increments (say 64GB)

                          At least then when I upgrade RAM, I can easily budget for the additional costs and you get a re-occuring revenue stream.


                          Hell, even if you said vRAM was sold in 64GB increments then I would only need to need to cover a couple increments of memory and since I would expect it to be closer to the $1000/64GB vs $3200, then I probably would not even squeek about $2k right now...


                          $12-30k...thats going to force me to move to Hyper-V...its not even in the same freaking ballpark pricewise...

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                            LucD Guru
                            User ModeratorsvExpertCommunity Warriors

                            Do you have vSphere Standard licenses ?

                            If yes, the Key for that type was incorrect, I changed it to the correct licensekey value.


                            Unfortunately, there is afaik no enumeration (in the SDK Reference) that lists all the available licenseKeys.


                            For now I have


                            Essentials                "esxEssentials"

                            Essentials Plus      "esxEssentialsPlus"

                            Standard                   "esxFull"

                            Advanced                  "esxAdvanced"

                            Enterprise                "esxEnterprise"

                            Ënterprise Plus       "esxEnterprisePlus

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                              SandyB Hot Shot

                              If i'm reading this correctly we are using 714Gb of vRam and have 1686Gb remaining. We have Enterprise Plus across the board, which means we are ok, but i still think for the extra cost of Enterprise Plus the 48Gb limit is too low, should be at least 64Gb,

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                                sysbeheer Novice

                                Great script, worked inmmediatly and the results are:


                                vCenter        : vcenter.asvznet.nl
                                vRAMConfigured : 569.8
                                vRAMUsed       : 541.3
                                vRAMEntitled   : 960
                                LicenseType    : vSphere 4 Enterprise


                                Guess we already did some good sizing in the past.

                                Not running more than 15-20 VM's/host because we don't want to end up in the dark when the hardware fails :-)


                                André van de Werken

                                IT Consultant

                                Carante Groep

                                the Netherlands

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                                  pcmanning Novice


                                  pCpu Count: 54
                                  vRAM (GB):  1364
                                  Resulting license options:
                                  Edition                    Entitlement                Licenses
                                  -------                    -----------                --------
                                  Essentials/Essentials P... 1 pCpu + 24 GB vRAM        57 with 3 pCpu overhead
                                  Enterprise                 1 pCpu + 32 GB vRAM        54 with 364 GB vRAM ov...
                                  Enterprise Plus            1 pCpu + 48 GB vRAM        54 with 1228 GB vRAM o...



                                  The majority of our CPUs are now HP dual CPU blades with 96GB RAM.  These have been replacing older 32GB machines, and we're looking to remove the last of these - so the CPU count will drop to 40.  So we'll need to keep more Enterprise licences than we would have done or upgrade to Enterprise Plus, which we'll need to utilise all the extra physical RAM.


                                  Bottom line is we're at best looking at a reducing on our planned savings or more likely an increase in costs   Fortunately, I guess, we were planning at costing Enterprise Plus to get some of the added features (host profiles and distributed switches really are needed now)



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                                    digitlman77 Enthusiast



                                    So, does this mean that I am using 226Gb total, and have compliance for 268?

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