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    Creating a DMZ for a webserver

    thekid70 Novice



      Was wondering if i can get some help on a task that i need to configure.


      I have two vmware esx 4.0 update 1 host servers with a vcenter server that's configured in a cluster with HA.


      I need to bring a dying physical webserver thats currently on a DMZ directly configured to a switch port. Im planning to p2v the machine.  

      I already configured the new ports on the switch for the DMZ and I have one nic (that wasn't in use) on both host servers plugged into on the switch. 


      My questions are:

      Is one nic going to work?

      How do i go about doing this, want to ensure this is secure? Do I go ahead and create a new vswitch and add the single nic that i configured already and plugged into the switch port configured for DMZ?

      If this is correct, i guess I will be doing the same setup on the other host vmware box.


      If someone can help and shed a light that would be great.