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      • 15. Re: 6.04 MBps max on a USB harddrive
        Catsrules Enthusiast

        Yes is was 30 Megabytes per second. because byte is the only unit the new windows' copy program displays speed. (I think everything except for ISP ads are shown in Bytes) I still don't know how I got it at this speed, but I haven't ever been able to reproduce it. (but haven't tried for a long time) It was ether some crazy glitch in ESXi or in windows' copying program was giving me false data. Or more likely I messed up on the copy some how and was copying it to a non usb hard drive.

        From what I have been told there no way to be able to reach over 6 Mbps with ESXi. USB using


        I did buy a SATA controller card so I could add sata drives, and they work like a charm. I am sure you can get a USB to Sata adapter and set it up that way.


        On a normal computer I get 30-50 megabytes per second all of the time., with my USB 2 hard drive. It is just on ESXi that I get super slow speeds ;(

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