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    The View Connection Server Authentication failed.

    Zsoldier Expert

      This is somewhat of a minor annoyance, but I think it has to do w/ our load balancer config, but am unsure what to investigate.  Wondering if anyone can confirm whether they see a similar issue.  I've seen it a low w/ Windows client.

      1. User Connects
      2. User Disconnects and closes View Client
      3. User Opens View Client (within seconds)
      4. User is prompted for username/password, enters it correctly.
      5. User is given an error of (The View Connection Server Authentication failed).
      6. User waits approx 1 min., then is able to make a successful connection.


      My Config:

      • Netscaler Load Balancer
      • 2 View 4.5 Connection Servers


      Any ideas would be appreciated.

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          markbenson Master
          VMware Employees

          It's possible it's your load balancer setup.


          Does this happen if you shutdown one of the Connection Servers? If this is not easy for you to test, perhaps instead you could test this by connecting to a specific Connection Server instead of using the load balanced alias. This will help to narrow down the cause.


          Also, you should look in the Connection Sever logs to see why the Connection Server authentication to AD is failing.



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            Zsoldier Expert

            Sorry for the delay in response.  I'm not seeing much in the connection server logs that pinpoints this particular issue.  It's definately not a connection server problem since both respond to all requests.  Any ideas what to possibly look for in the log?  I don't see anything that stands out.