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    CD/DVD ROM drive is stuck in connecting mode

    AlbertWT Master

      Hi All,

      I am confused now as to why one of my VM CD/DVD Rom Drive is always hang in Connecting mode.
      it stays greyed out in both condition VM online and VM offline (turned off)
      I have installed VMware tools and it is running perfectly fine.
      Change the CD-ROM device type into host and ISO datastore.
      Add / Remove the CD-ROM drive again but it will always end up in (Connecting...) mode ?
      I have turned off the VM and turn on numerous time but still no luck yet.
      FYI, my environment is as follows:
      vSphere client 4.1 (build 345043) connected to ESXi 4.1u1
      The VM guest is Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 64 bit
      Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.