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      • 15. Re: Full VM Media Pool Creation within View
        mittim12 Guru

        I always release the IP on all my templates and parent images after any type of maintenance.  I have also shortened my DHCP lease times for all my linked clone pools. 

        • 16. Re: Full VM Media Pool Creation within View
          caryers Enthusiast

          I am still having problems with VMs being added to my AD domain during the creation of Full Media Pool. Unlike using Linked-clones, the Quick Prep option is not available for Full VMs. I have tried several times using the Custimaztion Spec Manager to create various unique Specifications. Each attempt to create a 3 node FUll VM media pool using of of the new Customization Spec items I created the process fails. When I indicate it fails, let me clearify. The VMs are created fine. However, either none or only the 1st VM is added to the domain. I beleive I have tried all the options in the wizard in the vCenter Customization Spec. Manager section.


          I am sure I could manually add each VM into my domain seperatly. However, this would NOT be realistic if I plan on created say a 40 or 50+ Full VM media pools, etc. Can you let me know what I am doing wrong?


          Must I used a custom Answer file to add the VMs into the domain? Is there a specific VMware TID on how to create multiple VMs using a Full VM media pool where each VM is added to the domain with unique names?


          Thanks in advance...



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            caryers Enthusiast

            I was finally able to resolve the full VM media pool creation that I was having problems with. The fix was selecting "Use the VM name" within the "Computer Name" section in my custom specification within the VI Client. I was originally using the "Enter a name".


            I am guessing this option does NOT work with the View Media Pool creation wizard since the View creation wizard also has an area for the computer naming convention, correct?

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