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    VCA4-DT Passed/Experience

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      I just sat in and passed the VCA by a very narrow margin, I must say it was a little more difficult than I had expected.  While I'm a VCP and I consider myself rather well versed in View 4.6 I think I walked into it a little arrogant.  The mock questions on the site seemed a little too easy so it gave me a little false sense.


      I would have to say (just like the VCP) the majority of the questions aren't conceptually hard but it just requires a strong photographic memory of menu options (which is great as it does test your actual experience).  I work on a classified network so the local mode/transfer stuff doesn't really apply to me and they hammered those ones fairly well.  Also don't sleep on thinapp questions or error codes/status states.


      So even though I aced the VCP4-DT mocks on the first try I will not walk into that exam with the same attitude.