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    Future of Fusion 32-bit Version After Lion

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      As Lion will be only 64-bit it appears Snow Leopard is the end of the road for 32-bit Mac machines. It therefore seems unlikely there will be a new 32-bit version of Fusion going forward which begs the question: When is Fusion 3.x EOL? And the answer of course is you don't discuss the future. That response is a conversation stopper and is occasionally unacceptable. This is such a time. And it is counter to good will.


      It is my great hope that 3.1.3 is not the last release for the 32-bit Mac world because it is the first and only release of Fusion that I absolutely dislike. Lock ups and forced restarts, including hitting the power switch have become the norm. If it won't be fixed then many of us who depend on our systems daily need to know so we can make intelligent choices about the future. It it will be fixed and not EOL in the next  6 months then kudos to you for supporting your loyal customers.

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          Actually the Life Cycle and End of Life matrices are publicly available information for any product including VMware Fusion.


          I know it is not very helpful for your particular problem, but I pretty much never see lockups or any issue in regards to stability with my setup and I'm a pretty heavy user.


          The question of course is what is different in your setup for having such a troublesome experience.

          One area where I sometimes have issues with Fusion 3.x is with the NAT network which might run amok and eat up 99% CPU. If that happens I can just restart the network stack and continue using my VMs. Don't even have to start/stop them, just reboot the network and go.


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